Pressure Release showcase / Said And Done release show!
Posted on 2008-06-05.

This saturday: S&D release show @ Innocent, Hengelo (NL)




Date: 7-6-2008
Damage: 6 euro
Doors: 19:30

Deldenerstraat 25
Hengelo (ov)
7551AA The Netherlands

PS > Feel free to spread the word, repost!

New release: Maaswater Veenlijk
Posted on 2008-03-22.



Maaswater Veenlijk is a brandnew band from the Land van Cuijk area / south-eastern part of Brabant, The Netherlands. Although we can hear you think wtf is up with the name (we thought exactly the same), they mean business. As for the whole 'having (ex)-members of' thing, here you go: Reaching forward, Born from pain, Close second, The Orange Blossom Special, 4-Fridges, Noise Pollution, PD and Robbie Hooker and the red light districts. Apparently if you throw all of that in a blender you'll end up with some not your avarage stoner/doom compositions. Amazing. As their influences they mention bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. The band's releasing this EP on CD themselves, with their own label NRINE. We only did 50 tapes, so be fast if you want one.

In other news. We're toying with ideas for some new projects, but nothing concrete yet. Don't worry, we'll keep you in the loop. We're very busy with other stuff. As usual.

PRR06 WE ARE IDOLS demotape

We Are Idols
Posted on 2007-10-06.

We'll keep it short this time. All we've got to say at the moment is we've got a new release for you all. It's a demo from We Are Idols, from Poland. Available now.

As influences they state Black Flag, Tragedy, Entombed, Motörhead, Nine, Genocide SS, Turbonegro, Doomriders, Black Sabbath. In short that means you want this tape. If you're still in doubt for whatever reason check out the MP3 in the media section or listen to the songs on their Myspace.

Only 50 were made. Mail us to get a copy or pick it up at a show we'll be at (all Said And Done shows for sure, contact us for other shows). We Are Idols will get some copies themselves as soon as possible as well, so you can pick it up from them.

Don't sleep on it.

We Are Idols Myspace

We're still alive
Posted on 2007-07-07.

Sooo.... Short and quick update to let you all know we're still alive.

The European new breed tape compilation is done for some time now. Lots of work, but it clearly payed off. We've got great reactions and sold out all tapes right away. Thanks people! Most of the bands on the tape are really taking off as well. Support them, they deserve it! After the compilation we've focused our energy elsewhere for a while. Rob has his family (he has a great son and girlfriend) that deserved his attention and at the moment he's busy organising the final edition of Light The Fuse (after this edition, no more Light The Fuse people...write it down: March 1st 2008). Pim is pretty busy with his band Said And Done and his web stuff. They just released their LP and are already busy writing new songs.

Anyway, we did do some sort of a release with Pressure Release Records though. Not a regular one though :

PRR05 - Said And Done - Everyday Promo Recordings

PRR05 - Said And Done - Everyday Promo Recordings

It's a tape that is included with all 50 release show editions of Said And Done's "Everyday" LP. Two songs they recorded with Michiel Toenink that have been put online before as a promo, but taken offline as soon as they recorded their full length. Since they never put out a proper demotape this is their way of apologizing for that. You can't order it from us and you can't get it seperatly. But... there are some leftovers of the release edition on the Said And Done site. Check it out here, they're going fast.

While on the subject of our releases... Maybe you already noticed, but The Tenement Kids demo also sold out now. Their MCD "Doves" on Crucial Attack Records is out for some time now. But you know already, cause you own it. Right? We do still have some copies of the Mans Ruin and Diablo Blvd. demos though. So get in touch now, before they're gone for good. Mans Ruin recently recorded new stuff which will probably blow us all away ("More Only Living Witness influences" is what they told us, getting excited yet?). Keep an eye on that band.

We don't have any solid plans for future releases, but there's one project we're talking about... If it comes through, it will be great. Aside from that we'll see what crosses our path. If you want to make it easy for us, send in your demo.

That's all for now. Check out Losing Streak from Belgium and Union Town from The Netherlands.

Pressure Release Records

Pressure Release 2007 - SOLD OUT!
Posted on 2007-03-21.

Wow. That went fast. The compilation is SOLD OUT! Already... Damn!

Tape compilation going FAST!
Posted on 2007-03-17.

Ok... These compilation tapes are going FAST. We're down to the last copies already! If you want one, be REALLY fast.

Tonight (17th of March) we're selling them at Ibbenbüren, Germany. Zero Mentality & Said And Done are playing.

Pressure Release 2007 - OUT NOW!
Posted on 2007-03-09.

PRR03 - Pressure Release 2007

Yeah! It’s out! The wait is over, the European new breed tape compilation we have been working on for quite some time is finally available.


01. Damaged Goods - BE - Out Of Sight
02. Sixpack - PL - Hurt A Cop
03. Said And Done - NL - Use Your Head
04. Killing Frost - PT - Brain Damage
05. Bratpack - NL - State Of War
06. Soulfire - NO - Think And Grow
07. Losing Streak - BE - Get Off My Back
08. Hoods Up - DE - Clear - from demo
09. Cracks In The Wall - NL - CrackZombie
10. World Collapse - DE - Hours
11. Black Haven - BE - Hollow
12. High Treason - NL - High School Drama
13. Watch Out! - DE - For The Better
14. One Voice - BE - Kid Till Death
15. Rush 'N Attack - NL - Raise Your Finger
16. Lost Alone - CH - Nothing For Nothing
17. Watch Your Step - IT - Not Your Friend
18. Come Undone - PL - White Paper And Black Ink
19. The Ice - DE - Powertrip
20. Civil Terror - NL - Girls Girls Girls
21. Dirty Money - UK - No One
22. Go For Broke - SE - Out Of Reach
23. Straight A's - NL - These Scars
24. Nitad - SE - Gubbjävel
25. Goldust - DE - Out Of This
26. Room 13 - NL - Can't Stand It
27. Out Come The Wolves - ES - 4:20
28. Bases Loaded - UK - Rotten Egg
29. Citizens Patrol - NL - Shit For Brains
30. Noble Cause - AT - Farce

Yes, 30 promising new bands from all over Europe, 49 minutes of mayhem, some previously unreleased tracks. All of this on a nice black tape. And we shouldn’t forget the booklet with the lyrics etc. that is coming along with it. It’s looking good people. Oh well, at the moment you’re probably thinking something along the lines of “Yeah, yeah, but how much is it going to cost dude?”. Well, at a show you can pick this up for 4 euros. But if you want us to send it right to you, just get in touch and we’ll see what the shipping costs are.

We made 250 of these. So get in contact now to get your copy! We’ll ship worldwide. In time most bands will carry this tape as well, if they want to that is. Distro’s can get in touch as well, but you’re not going to get rich from selling this tape. Just to let you know in front. It’s all about promoting these bands. They deserve it.

Aside from the bands that contributed to this tape, thanks go out the people that already picked it up at the Light The Fuse festival as well! Damn, what a great weekend that was. Lots of the bands on this compilation played and it was just simply amazing. You can read a review here.

And finally: To everyone that contacted us throughout the last couple of days asking about this tape. We’re getting back to you ASAP!

That’s all for now,
Pressure Release Records

PRR04 - Mans Ruin demotape
PRR02 - Diablo Blvd. Demotape
PRR01 - Tenement Kids demotape - very few copies left!

2007 update
Posted on 2007-01-24.

Ok, so we've been busy as hell lately, but let's see what's going on:


Let's start with the good news right away. We've set a release date. The tape will be released at the Light The Fuse fest in Hengelo this year. Write it down, 2nd and 3rd of March at Innocent in Hengelo, Netherlands. Lots of bands from the compilation are playing the fest so we couldn't have found a better date to release the tape.

In the process of getting everything together some bands didn't make the cut (because of bands splitting up etc), others were added though. Bands that will be on the compilation for sure are (in no particular order) : Cracks In The Wall (NL), Hoods Up (GER), Straight A's (NL), Watch Out! (GER), Killing Frost (POR), One Voice (BE), Damaged Goods (BE), Rush 'N Attack (NL), Bratpack (NL), Watch Your Step (ITA), Come Undone (POL), Nitad (SWE), Break A Sweat (UK), Citizens Patrol (NL), Room 13 (NL), Go For Broke (SWE), Noble Cause (AUSTRIA), Sixpack (POL), Lost Alone (SWI), Goldust (GER), Dirty Money (UK), Civil Terror (NL), Out Come The Wolves (ESP), Said And Done (NL), Bases Loaded (UK), World Collapse (GER) and Black Haven (BEL). We're still waiting for stuff from some other bands, hopefully they'll be included as well. Either way, this compilation is going to be killer, if we may say so ourselves.


The last tape we released was the Mans Ruin demotape. It got a raving review on, check it out:

They call their style ‘Kyuss on speed’, but I think that naming just one single band is not enough to realise what we’re dealing with here. This rocking band from Belgium has ex-members of Congress (Josh) and Rise And Fall (Murph), but their sound is way different than you would expect based upon that. Think of spicy stoner rock and I do mean ROCK. Only Living Witness is a band that can serve as material for comparison, but you’ll also hear some Danzig and of course Kyuss in the three songs on this tape. Very different from what you would expect a couple of hardcore dudes to play, but it’s good. Better yet: it’s great! The songs are pretty simple, but they’re catchy and I know for sure that the guitars and vocals will be stuck in your head pretty soon. After Diablo Blvd. Pressure Release Records managed to find another great rocking band for their tape label. In case you would like to try before you buy: take a listen at 4 out of 5 stars.

Sounds good huh? We still have enough tapes left, get in touch or contact the band to get it. You don't wanna miss out on this one!


So let's see. What's happening with Diablo Blvd. Well, they've been interviewed for Rock Tribune Magazine. Try to pick that one up if you can, could be a previous issue already... Aside from that they've done an interview for a new breed special on that you can check out here. also reviewed the tape:

Andries Beckers from The Setup/Thumbs Down/Hypertension Records may have joined stand-up comedian Alex Agnew’s band Diablo Blvd., but they sure as hell aren’t playing hardcore. This is rock ‘n’ roll baby! And it’s good too. There’s a lot of Danzig (especially because of Alex’ vocals) and a bit of Guns N’ Roses in these songs, so that should be enough to make most of you at least a little bit curious. Just check it out if you’re tired of hardcore every once in a while. It’ll make you realise that there are a lot more bands to discover than you already have. So stop reading, because there’s not much more to tell you. Just listen to it and rock on! 3,5 out of 5 stars.

Yeah yeah, we know you want this tape as well. So once again. Get in touch or contact the band to get it! Missing out on this one isn't an option either...


What's there to say? These guys took the world by storm. We've only got a couple of tapes left. Last copies. So get yours now before you have to pay insane amounts of money on Ebay for this. In the meanwhile they worked on a great follow up of the demo. The result, the "Doves" MCD is out now on Crucial Attack Records. Pick it up now, support both the band and the label (quality stuff, quality stuff!). The MCD not only sounds great, the artwork is absolutely stunning as well. You'll see it when you pick it up.

Well that's all for now. Let's close this off with some dates you can write down in your agenda as well. Give them the support they deserve. You will not be dissapointed.


2007-03-02 - Light The Fuse @ Innocent, Hengelo (NL)
2007-03-03 - Light The Fuse @ Innocent, Hengelo (NL)

2007-02-03 @ JOC, Ieper (BE)
2007-03-17 @ Traveir, Ledegem (BE) /w Tenement Kids
2007-03-24 @ JH Flodder, Langemark (BE)
2007-03-30 @ Broedkasse, De Haan (BE)
2007-03-31 @ Poolbar, Dendermonde (BE) /w Diablo Blvd.

2007-02-23 @ JH Dolce Vita, Oostnieuwkerke (BE)
2007-03-10 @ Cahier de Brouillon, Hoogstraten (BE)
2007-03-31 @ Poolbar Dendermonde (BE) /w Mans Ruin
2007-07-27 @ JH Malmejo, Oostmalle (BE)
2007-08-25 @ Big Billy's Roots Festival, Sint-Lievens-Houtem (BE)

2007-02-03 @ De Bakkerij, Castricum (NL)
2007-02-11 @ Winston, Amsterdam (NL)
2007-02-17 @ DB's, Utrecht (NL)
2007-02-20 @ De Bijstand, Nijmegen (NL)
2007-02-23 @ Potsdam (NL)
2007-03-17 @ Traveir, Ledegem (BE) /w Mans Ruin
2007-03-31 @ Internationaal, Rosendaal (NL)

Mans Ruin demotape out now!
Posted on 2006-11-21.

Today 100 copies of this tape were delivered to the Pressure Release Records HQ. That means as of today these are for sale. First chance to pick them up will be the Cro Mags (Fearless Vampire Killers) / Said And Done / Civil Terror show @ Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht (NL) this thursday (23rd of November). Aside from that you can order you copy simply by mailing us. The band will have them available soon too.

We're not going to tell you why you should like this band, let the MP3 do the talking. Check it out:
Double Or Nothing


Tenement Kids recently recorded a EP titled "Doves" for Crucial Attack Records. They will release it on the 1st of December @ The Stage in Arnhem. Check out an MP3 on their homepage. What I've heard from the recordings blew me away. Pick it up kids.

And while you're busy picking up stuff:

PRR01 - Tenement Kids - Demotape
PRR02 - Diablo Blvd. - Scarred & Undefeated demotape

Both tapes are also available at their shows. Once they're gone, they're gone. We're not going to repress them. So get em while you still can.

Small november update
Posted on 2006-11-04.

So, let's see, new month, new update... What do we've got going on at the moment?

We're waiting for the artwork and master to arrive. Then everything will be send out and hopefully we'll have them for sale real soon. If you didn't check out this band yet, check out an MP3 here.

We're still collecting all the material. While working with so many bands for the compilation is a great thing, it really slows down the whole processs. The tracks we did get so far are really great. We can't wait to start finishing this tape, please be patience. It will be worth it.

A lot of the bands that will be featured on this compilation tape will be playing the Light The Fuse festival next year by the way. It will be held on the 2nd 3rd of March this year, only in the smaller, but way cooler, Innocent venue. A bit early to mention it already maybe, but.... Be there and spread the word!

Just letting you know we're working on a simple webshop so you can order our tapes straight from the website. We'll let you know when it's ready to use.

Check the bands playing live!

Diablo Boulevard
PRR02 - Scarred & Undefeated demo - OUT NOW! - MP3

7 November 2006 - Innocent - Hengelo (NL)
28 November 2006 - Trix - Antwerp (BE)
9 December 2006 - Club 9 - Koersel (BE)
23 December 2006 - JH Joki - Itegem (BE)
20 January 2007 - JH Horizont - Meerhout (BE)

Tenement Kids
PRR01 - demo - OUT NOW! - MP3

1 December 2006 - The Stage - Arnhem (NL) - Release show of their new MCD on Crucial Attack!
8 December 2006 - Simplon - Groningen (NL)
9 December 2006 - 't Pakhuus - Silvolde (NL)
15 December 2006 - De Kelder - Borculo (NL)

Mans Ruin
PRR04 - demo - OUT SOON! - MP3

18 November 2006 - JC Tessloo - Tessenderlo (BE)
25 November 2006 - Clues - Deinze (BE)

That's all for now people. Untill next month, take care.

Short update!
Posted on 2006-10-12.

Here's a short update, because we're very siked to put out the MANS RUIN demo on tape.


How do these Belgians sound you might think? Well, the band describes it like this: "Prong jamming with Kyuss and a drunk Glenn Danzig on vocals". For those who want to know, the bandmembers also play(ed) in bands like Rise & Fall, Congress, One Fine Cast and Empathy. Check out the song Double Or Nothing.

Streetdate: october/november 2006


Hell yeah, we're on myspace too. Check us at


PRR03: V/a - "new breed" compilation
Bases Loaded (UK), Bratpack (NL), Break A Sweat (UK), Civil Terror (NL), Citizens Patrol (NL), Come Undone (POLAND), Common Cause (NOR), Cracks In The Wall (NL), Damaged Goods (BE), DieDieDie (NOR), Go For Broke (SWE), Goldust (GER), Hoods Up (GER), Isolation (NL), Killing Frost (POR), Lost Alone (SWISS), Nitad (SWE), Noble Cause (AUSTRIA), One Voice (BE), Out Come The Wolves (ESP), Rat Attack (POR), Rush 'n Attack (NL), Said And Done (NL), Six Pack (POLAND), Soulfire (NOR), Straight A's (NL), Watch Out (GER), Watch Your Step (IT), & World Collapse (GER) & more.
Streetdate: end of 2006/start of 2007


PRR01: Tenement Kids - 2006 demo
Passionate, raw yet catchy punk rock in the vein of Hüsker Dü, Jawbreaker and Hot Water Music. You probably already heard of them, keep an eye on these kids!
Mp3: Cards & Arrows

PRR02: Diablo Blvd. - Scarred & Undefeated
Throw Danzig, The Cult, Guns N' Roses and Black Label Society in a blender and this is what you get. From Belgium. ROCK.
Mp3: Scarred & Undefeated

First two releases out now!
Posted on 2006-09-21.

As the title already says... The first two releases (Tenement Kids demotape & Diablo Blvd. demotape) are out NOW!

The people that mailed us for a copy will get a mail with ordering info soon. Everyone else, send a mail right now or simply pick em up at a Said And Done or Tenement Kids (and soon Diablo Blvd) show.

We'll be working more intensively on the new breed compilation soon. It's going to be great! We've got some more bands confirmed, more about that later on.

Posted on 2006-08-28.

These days more and more bands totally skip the tape for releases. Pim (a.o Said And Done) and Rob (Light The Fuse) thought it was time to take action. Pressure Release Records was born, a new label that focuses on tape releases. We are stoked to annouce our first releases. Get ready:

September 2006:


PRR01: Tenement Kids – 2006 demo
Passionate, raw yet catchy punk rock in the vein of Hüsker Dü, Jawbreaker and Hot Water Music. You probably already heard of them, keep an eye on these kids! Check out this MP3.


PRR02: Diablo Blvd. – Scarred & Undefeated
Throw Danzig, The Cult, Guns N' Roses and Black Label Society in a blender and this is what you get. From Belgium. ROCK. Check out this MP3.

Both will be a limited run of 100 tapes, so get your copy now before they're gone.

End of 2006/start of 2007:

PRR03: V/a – "new breed" compilation
We don't have a name for this baby yet but we do have bands confirmed already: Bases Loaded (UK), Break A Sweat (UK), Civil Terror (NL), Citizens Patrol (NL), Come Undone (POLAND), Common Cause (NOR), Cracks In The Wall (NL), Damaged Goods (BE), DieDieDie (NOR), Go For Broke (SWE), Goldust (GER), Isolation (NL), Killing Frost (POR), Lost Alone (SWISS), Nitad (SWE), Noble Cause (AUSTRIA), One Voice (BE), Out Come The Wolves (ESP), Rat Attack (POR), Said And Done (NL), Six Pack (POLAND), Soulfire (NOR), Straight A's (NL), Strength Inside (HUN), Watch Out (GER), Watch Your Step (IT), & World Collapse (GER).

Some of these will be exclusive songs, some won't. More info and a complete tracklisting (there will be a couple more bands) up soon.

That's all for now. Keep an eye out for more info.

PS> Aside from tapes, we also need more zines. Get on it!